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Hurricane Storm Panels

Storm Panels Provide Unprecedented Protection

What are storm panels?

Storm panels or sometimes they are referred to as storm shutters are protective barriers you can install on your windows in the event of a storm to minimize structural damage to your family, home, and its contents. It seems to be true that images of protecting their loved-ones and home during a severe storm are the first thing someone conjures up when people hear the phrase “storm panels” and rightfully so. Recent weather fluctuations and deadly, catastrophic storms seem to be the new “norm” each and every season. So many people have witnessed first-hand the costly destruction and devastation caused by mother nature. In 2017 alone with hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma there was an estimated cost of $268 billion. That’s not even considering the sobering fact that families were destroyed and lives were lost. Thankfully, because of this type of awareness, most people understand the importance of storm panels. The bigger problem doesn’t seem to be informing people of the dangers of not having prepared storm panels on their home. People just don’t seem to be informed on what’s actually needed for their unique situation or how to go about getting storm panels installed or installing storm panels themselves.

Who needs storm panels?

If you live in an area that is prone to receiving hurricane or tropical storm force winds, the answer is YOU! If you live in an area like this, you need storm panels installed on your home! Unless you happen to live an area that never gets any storms, which is very rare in most cases, you need storm panels installed and ready for use on your home in a time of crisis. If you’re living in an area that gets high wind speeds or an area that has tornados or hurricanes, it’s not even an option for someone that wants to have a properly prepared home in the event of one of these frequent natural disasters.

What’s the best type of Storm Panels?

There are several types of storm panels available on the market. They each have their own pros and cons. Determining which type of storm panel is right for you will depend on your unique situation. The three types we will be focusing on is metal, wood, and polycarbonate storm panels. There are several things each type of storm panel has in common with each other. They are all affixed to the outside of windows using a metal fastener that has been attached to the home. They all should completely cover the window opening for total protection. They are all removable as well.

Metal storm panels have pretty much become the old standard when purchasing a manufactured storm panel product. They generally meet code enforcement specifications and they do a decent job when “put to the test”. The biggest drawback they have is they block light from entering your home through the windows. As anyone who has ever been through a strong tropical storm or hurricane can tell you, the first utility that you lose is electricity. If you do lose electricity it is usually out for quite a while from days to even weeks in some more severe cases. This leaves you in a dark cave essentially because of the blocked light. Another drawback to metal storm panels is the cost. Metal storm panels can be quite expensive and they are usually ordered to fit.

Plywood is by far the cheapest type of storm panel you can put up but also the most dangerous. Plywood storm panels can be dangerous because they are not usually up to code and simply are not rated to withstand the foreign object impacts that can be generated by highly sustained winds that are common during medium to large size storms. Plywood storm panels also share one of the same drawbacks as metal storm panel sibling, the lack of light when power is lost during a storm.

Polycarbonate storm panels are one of the newest products on the market. Polycarbonate storm panels share most of the positives of plywood and metal storm panels but they eliminate the negatives. Polycarbonate storm panels are up-to-code and cost effective. They are easy to install and have the biggest benefit of all types of removable storm panels, they let light in. Polycarbonate storm panels are see-through, though not crystal clear. They offer benefit of privacy because the storm panels are not clear like glass but they let large amounts of light through so even if you have lost power you still have light to see. They are the best of both worlds when it comes to removable storm panels.

Get rid of your plywood and let the light in!

They will protect your windows and doors from hurricane force winds, flying debris, and severe weather and also allow light. Approved by the state of Florida and Miami-Dade County.

Get Started

Are polycarbonate storm panels hard to install?

Polycarbonate storm panels are designed to be simple to install. That is, if you are relatively handy and have a few tools at your disposal. They come in multiple sizes to meet the needs of most homeowners. They can be cut easily with your garden-variety power saw from the hardware store. They can also be cut in a variety of shapes to match any window. If you choose to install your polycarbonate storm panels by yourself, remember to always use proper safety gear to protect your eyes, body, and hearing. If you do not feel comfortable installing your new polycarbonate storm panels yourself, we also offer full custom installation services so you don’t have to worry about it.

Weighing only 1.6lbs per square foot, the RDC panels can be quickly installed by one individual. These panels are also one of the few Miami-Dade approved panels on the market that are transparent. This allows you to protect your home without having to ride out the storm in a dark windowless room. Unlike plywood panels, Polycarbonate panels can be stored for the next storm, without fear of rotting.

Are polycarbonate storm panels strong?

RDC Polycarbonate has been approved by the state of Florida and Miami-Dade County for small and large missile impact for Category 5 wind speeds. 16mm RDC Storm Panels passed the Dade County Hurricane test, and resisted Large Missile Impact (9 lb 2” X 4” missile shot out of an air cannon). The missile bounced off the 16mm RDC Storm Panel, preventing any damage to the panel or the glass behind it. The panels were also exposed to high air pressure — simulated 170 MPH sustained wind and passed the test!

Not only are the panels strong, they are one of the easiest storm panel systems to install on the market. RDC panels are light enough to install on your own and approved for direct mount.

These panels come in 3 transparent shades. These shades are: Crystal, Opal and Bronze. Get rid of your plywood and let the light in! 16mm RDC Storm Panels are made of clear Polycarbonate. They will protect your windows and doors from hurricane force winds, flying debris, and severe weather and yet allow light in.

Do you offer installation?

We know that today’s world is busy and that busy world is constantly making our lives busier and busier. We understand that there are those of us that are handy and enjoy working with our hands, but sometimes we simply don’t have the time to complete projects or even get them started in some cases. Or maybe you just don’t enjoy DIY projects. Whatever your situation, we are now offering fully custom polycarbonate storm panel installation services. Scheduling your installation is as easy as making a phone call. Simply call us at (727) 400 - 1080 and speak with one of our friendly and courteous installation representatives and they will help you with all of your storm panel needs.