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All State Storm Panels & Flood Control is a Florida-Based, Floridian-owned, start-up that caters to helping homeowners prepare for the worst. If you have been in Florida for long enough, you know what it is like to prepare for the next storm. We do too.

The purpose for our business is to help you do what you know needs to be done in the simplest most effective way possible. Storm preparations are common-place in many parts of the country, even more so in Florida, as we stare down each hurricane every year. Our DIY solutions, will help take the load off of some of your preparations.

While all of our solutions are a very easy DIY project, we also work with several installation vendors that can make your storm preparations even easier. If you are a snow-bird who can not make it back in time to prepare, simply not able to prepare due to time constraints or illness, whatever the reason, we can be there to help you get ready.

Find out now, why our storm panels are becoming the talk of the town.

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Florida Hurricane Certified

Miami-Dade Hurricane Certified

170 MPH Wind Rating

170 MPH Wind Protection

Category 5 Hurricanes can support winds in excess of 155 mph!

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